Saturday, June 15, 2013

Budget in Yellow and White

What to do when restrained to a $150 budget?  Mason jars are a fabulous, inexpensive source for glass that add a touch of design to your floral.  Perfect for a backyard wedding or barbecue.  I used white hydrangeas, spider mums, gerber daisies, lilies, and bright yellow sunflowers.  Very affordable for a lot of impact.  We were able to get 11 arrangements in varying sizes together for the client, averaging out to only $13 per arrangement.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Using food as vase filler is one of my favorite things to do.  Especially when it can be tied into the menu!  For a French themed dinner party in a private home, I was challenged with coordinating to decor I had never seen (but heard roughly described).  I still wanted the tablescape to be creative and unique.  The colors were spot-on.  I provided the floral arrangements and candle centerpiece for this lovely dinner.  I used baby carrots in the base for stability, and tied in the orange color with pops of bright orange ranunculus!

My final challenge was to create as 'low profile' of an arrangement as possible to enhance the dinner conversation.  I still wanted the appearance of a very full bouquet, which  required careful stem placement.

Lime and Fuchsia

Gorgeous lime, white, and fuchsia flowers were the perfect combination for a fashionable bridal shower.  Flowers filled the lovely space, creating a lush environment to showcase the blushing bride-to-be!